Our Story

Sharing our lives.

David and I grew up in a small hometown. We both were raised in the country. I spent my childhood on a working cattle ranch and David grew up on a small farm working horses. Our simple country upbringings ingrained a passion for raising animals and a desire to spend our days embracing life on the farm. Of course when we grew up we each felt the need to go out into the world and leave our mark. I set my sights on launching a collection of women’s outdoor apparel and David stepped into the ownership of an industrial construction company. We traveled the world. We worked as hard as we played and we agreed that we weren’t interested in marriage or becoming a family. But God had other plans for us and as is always true, God’s plans turned out so much better than what we could have ever imagined or planned for ourselves. In 2011 we took a “vacation” to Northern California. We planned to be gone for only two weeks but Holy Spirit showed us a brand new way to live our lives. Those two weeks turned into nine years as we never returned to the lives we once lived in apparel and construction.

Of course our families thought we were crazy as we lived in a tent, a travel trailer and a motor home before finding the farm that we would call home for several years in Smartsville, CA. In the foothills of Nevada County California we found a beautiful family life, living off the land and connecting with others who loved and lived the kind of farm life we thought happened only in fairy tales. We were blessed with a precious baby girl two years after we were married and our lives changed forever.

We both fondly look back on the early days of our lifelong adventure together, remembering the lessons learned all along the way. When we first started to understand regenerative farming and living soils David ordered 2,000 earthworms to compost food scraps for the garden. We excitedly opened bags and bags of earthworms and placed them into bins of soil. As evening approached we decided it would be most responsible to bring the bins inside for the night. I woke in the middle of the night to find thousands of earthworms covering the entire house! Once we turned the lights off, the earthworms crawled from their containers and had spread themselves throughout our entire home. In those days people would literally stop to ask for carrots from our garden as the flavors were so rich. We grew our own herbs and began growing plants with practices we had only just begun to love and understand. Fast forward and we have found that our years of education have led us back to our roots: raising animals. In 2016 we decided that our farm needed proper fire protection and prevention. We were weed- eating acres and acres of rocky hills to prepare each fire season in NorCal, so one day I suggested that we look into sheep. David was intrigued and decided to purchase four sweet sheep from a local producer; a decision we never dreamed would lead to a full blown flock. Over the years we have enjoyed raising a myriad of farm animals. We started with sheep which led to goats, chickens, pigs, ducks, bees, miniature horses, mustangs, livestock guardian dogs and Australian Kelpies.

The most recent addition to our farm came in 2021 when David’s father passed after several years of battling cancer. Our daughter Nora inherited a group of heifers David’s Dad had loved and spoiled. We knew we were stepping into a brand new season and that our farm had changed in ways we had never dreamed. In 2019 we moved our livestock from the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range to the Great Plains of Southwest Oklahoma. We now call Oklahoma home which has been a huge blessing as we are living much closer to our families in Texas. This year we were blessed with the opportunity to run a flock of sheep and a herd of cattle on several hundred acres in the Pineywoods of Deep East Texas. Thus was born the Heleyon Sheep & Cattle Co., LLC: founded January 2022.

Our Passion

Our journey has become our story and our farm has become our life. We love the Lord. We seek Him first and we are grateful for all we have learned along the way. When we began this adventure we learned about earthworms, microbes in the soil and organic growing practices. We have now come full circle to planting pastures with sustainable forages for the animals we graze. We have developed a passion for clean eating, nutrition, growing nutrient dense vegetables, planting hardy pasture forages and living a healthy lifestyle. Junk food has unfortunately become the standard for living in America today. Eating well is difficult and we want to make healthy nutrition easily available. That’s why we are stepping up to share the same high quality meats that grace our table every evening with you.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to provide heart healthy, grass-fed beef, lamb, pork and chicken to those seeking to support local family farms, sustainable farming practices, and the humane treatment of animals. That’s why we are opening our gates to provide farm fresh, seasonally produced meat beyond our own table. Our animals are born and sustainably grazed throughout their lives on beautiful pastures and forests filled with nutrient rich forage. We care about our customers. Most of you are our friends. We want to extend our hand and invite you to join us as we come alongside other farmers throughout the nation who are making a commitment to raise livestock with integrity.