• The Highest Quality Meats

    We seek to provide the highest quality grass-fed meats on the market today. We graze our animals on up to 12 different grasses for a superior finish and balanced flavor rich in Omega 3's and Omega 6's.

  • Sustaining your own Community

    When you buy our farm fresh beef and lamb you are supporting a small family farm committed to sustainable grazing and regenerative farming practices.

  • Home Delivery

    Enjoy stocking your freezer with clean, healthy, nutrient dense meats, delivered fresh and frozen to your front door. We'll include farm crafted recipes to impress even the most discerning palate.

How to order Bulk Beef & Lamb from Heleyon Sheep & Cattle Co.

We are currently taking orders for 2023 Bulk Beef & Lamb!

1.) We're offering a brand new way to Shop for bulk meat. You choose the bulk bundle you prefer. Options include an Eighth Beef (50 lbs.), Quarter Beef (75 lbs.), Half Beef (150 lbs.), Whole Beef (300 lbs.), Half Lamb (15 lbs.) & Whole Lamb (30 lbs.)

2.) Then leave the finishing to us. With traditional bulk orders you will need to reserve an animal months in advance. Then you need enough freezer space to store up to 300 lbs. of meat. Our bulk program is a little different. We offer you the freshest meats possible from animals who are pasture grazed, grass-fed and grass finished. Our unique grazing program allows us to finish our animals on grass from April through December. This means that we bring you farm fresh meat, butchered monthly from Spring to Fall. There's no need to wait months for a Whole Beef Delivery or find yourself reaching into the deep freeze for beef that's been frozen for almost a year. Instead, you can reserve a Heleyon Whole Beef and receive farm fresh cuts each month for up to an entire year! You'll get every cut we have to offer. You just won't need to store it all at once. Heleyon Whole Beef Monthly Boxes are shipped once a month until you have received a Whole Beef. You'll get 300 lbs. of our farm fresh, heart healthy, grass-fed beef. You won't need a ton of freezer space, because you'll get enough meat in each box to feed your family for a month. You can enjoy all the benefits of buying bulk without sacrificing freshness. Once our animals reach a nice, grass-fed finish we deliver to a USDA, federally inspected processing facility. Our craft butchers provide an array of cuts that will wow even the most discerning palate.

3.) We focus on raising our animals to be healthy, happy and tasty. We want to be your rancher and we want you to visit our farms. Our animals graze in the rolling pastures of Angelina County, Texas as well as the Great Plains of Stephens County, OK. We welcome you to come for a day or stay for a week in the comfortable accommodations of the Little Ranch House overlooking hundreds of acres grazed by our livestock. Our Oklahoma pastures are currently undergoing revitalization. We would love to take you fishing and introduce you to the zebras, pigs, lambs and cattle. We happily send out farm updates throughout the year and would love to host you and yours for a farm tour we guarantee you won't soon forget. If you are interested in booking a stay please feel free to click The Little Ranch House to visit our booking site for pricing and availability.

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Beef Bundles

Beef Bundles

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Lamb Bundles

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