How it works:

By sharing in the purchase of a Whole Beef or Lamb we all get the benefit of BULK PRICING!

Save hundreds off standard retail pricing while also raising money for LEAD Academy.

For every cut sold, we are donating 10% of the sells from this fundraiser to the LEAD Academy. For every Whole Beef or Whole Lamb sold we will increase our donation to 20% of sales! We will donate 10% for each Herbs, Eggs, & Produce Box and 20% for every 10 boxes sold.

Support your local farmer! Raise money for a beautifully faith based school! And get a screaming good deal on your grass-fed beef and lamb this year!

The sale ends on June 1st and we will not offer another deal like this until next year's LEAD fundraiser.

We have created three box options exclusively for LEAD. Simply choose the ones you would like to try:

Place your deposit, then

we will contact you to confirm the amount of meat you would like to order. We will also let you know when your share will be delivered: September- November or sooner.

LEAD Academy Community Farm Share Fundraiser!

We love Jesus!
We graze happy animals with practices that restore the environment.
Together we can build our rural economy by supporting those who grow and graze sustainably.
We humanely raise and graze our livestock.
We love giving back to our youth.
Our focus remains on Faith, Family and Farm Fresh Food.


FREE SHIPPING for orders over $200!